Our company

Bosche Systembau GmbH plans and manufactures innovative and highly efficient plants in the university town of Vechta since 1972. Complete planning and installation of animal feed plants, grain storage systems, premix- and mineral feed plant as well as silos for green coffee and roasted coffee. All this with wall and roof cladding if you want. Since 2012 we are planning big and complicated factories all over the world on high-end CAD/CAM work stations at our new head office, Osloer Straße. Our skilled commissioning and service technicians take care of a perfect installation process as well as for a perfect After Sales Service all over the world.

As general constructor with worldwide knowhow we build up your plant if you want.

From Siberia to Libya

If snow with iciness or the desert with its heat, our specialists have always keep cool and build up the most complex systems with the utmost care and quality. With over 40 year’s experience, we are an experienced team and do not need many words to know what the other is thinking. So we are able to develop and build tailor made systems for hygienic and safe products. We are positioned international and do not offer our services on the European market only. We are a worldwide acting company

Baustelle in Libyen