Project design for a smooth project handling

For a smooth process it makes sense to start as soon as possible. Normally the project design starts some month before. Many parameters will be analyzed to give our clients all necessary data in compressed manner. With this data the decision process will be very easy.
The following parameters will be given: soil analysis, council building regulation, planning of each subsection as well as first ballpark costs.
At the end our customers are able to see all details with facts and figures.
So it is possible to our customers to make the best decision.


The design of your factory

Many technical innovations began with a simple freehand sketch.
We start like this also; during the first meeting our engineers and planners are able to draw a first image of your wishes and ideas.
Here from our engineers develop various concepts with all figures and facts for your decision process.
The focus is on efficiency, cost and to prevent cash trap.

Engineering - everything starts in the mind

The experience of the engineers is the key of the competitiveness of a plant. All participants of Bosche Systembau GmbH are specialists in their field. Nobody can fool them.
A well-founded study and many years of practical experience and the sense of technology and materials ensure perfect results.


Project implementation - complete service for your project

If you want and after placing your order our project management team will start to get all necessary approvals, to hire contractors and so on.
For this a perfect project management is required and in that our team is well-rehearsed and professional because they realized numerous projects at home and abroad.
Our production team will begin the manufacturing of modular planned machines immediately.
After a test run the machines will be decomposed for the transport to the destination.

Installation - Turn-key plant

After all required approvals to be on hand, the delivery of the equipment starts.
To avoid large storage requirements, the equipment will be delivered in time in batch sizes which are needed for assembly on site.
The Installation of the complete factory is carried out by our installation teams.
At the end there will be a production-facility ready for use available.