Safe and hygienic production

Thanks to the highest standards the production and packaging plants of Bosche Systembau GmbH have the maximum size of hygiene and safety.
Besides the most modern air cleaning units, the allocation of funding due to specific target cells, the hygienic separation in two stages depending on the hazard of our plants have to request an access control for hygienic areas only for authorized persons.


Engineering - efficient, low priced and versatile

From smallest systems to complex production systems, we realize your projects with far-sightedness and know-how. Also dosing units for liquid substances, which are used into animal feed mills and the food industry, belongs to our portfolio. Our project managers and planners can realize your individual wishes with the latest technologies.

Getting high - with our steel and silo

The requirements on modern steel & silos are very high with regard to the employment protection and health, also the design and realization determines the efficiency and sustainability. We have made it to our ambition to implement these requirements exactly and this as economically as possible for our customers. The steel construction and silo plants of Bosche Systembau GmbH are planned and implemented taking into account the industrial safety, the efficiency and the possibility of expansions in the future.
Schwebendes Silo

Großes Silolager

Your product - stored at the best

For the best possible quality your ingredients and grain need to be protected against harmful environmental influences and moisture. We design and build your warehouses of a capacity of 500t - 40.000t; this includes all necessary permits and implementation of all requirements. Warehouses of Bosche Systembau GmbH have an intake capacity of 50t / h to 400t / h and have optimum filling technology.